Author : H. Nizar Hamdi

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 This study aims to determine whether the number of required staff qualifications and the amount that should be required every position on the existing departmen at Hotel ” Novotel Lombok ” . This research is descriptiv research that provides an overview or description of the needs of both employees and the number of qualifications that should be required by the ” Novotel Lombok ” .

Based on job analysis , needs assessment and analysis of the workload of employees who are on the ” Novotel Lombok ” note that the qualifications of the workforce to fill positions in every department that existed at the Novotel Hotel there are 12 workers that do not comply with his qualifications . The discrepancy consists of : 3 people in the office Receptionist , Cashier 2 people in the office , in the office Security 2 people , 3 people in the office Room boy , 2 people in positions Engineering , In terms of quantity there is an excess amount of labor that existed at Hotel Novotel which consists of : 1 person in the office Receptionist , Cashier 2 people in the office , one person in the office Waiter / waiteress , 1 person at Room office boy , 2 people in positions Gardenner and 2 people in positions Laundry

Keywords : employee qualifications , quantitas of employees , job analysis , employee  needs analysis , employee workload analysis

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